Sunmaster 1000w HPS & 10000K Finisher Combo


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Get both the Sunmaster 1000w Super HPS bulb and the 1000w Finishing Blue MH bulb for just $59.00. This bloom bulb combo provides ideal lighting for enhancing flower aroma and flavor. Use the Super HPS from the start of bloom until the final weeks flowering. Then switch to the Finishing Blue to send essential oil and resin production into overdrive. These premium lamps are compatible with both standard HPS and digital ballasts. Take your harvest from bloom to BOOM with this exclusive limited-time deal!

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Sunmaster 1000w HPS & 10000K Finisher Combo

Take your harvest from bloom to BOOM with enhanced flavors and aromas. For a limited time, get both the Sunmaster Super HPS and the Finishing Blue MH 1000w lamps for just $59.00! A favorite among HPS growers, the Sunmaster 1000w Super HPS provides an enhanced horticultural spectrum for outstanding flowering growth. Finishing Blue is designed specifically for use during the last portion of the flowering phase. This specially formulated spectrum targets the key elements involved in resin and essential oil to send trichome and terpene production into overdrive!

Includes: Sunmaster 1000w HPS #50595 and 1000w Finisher #62847

For use with 1000w HPS or 1000w digital ballasts

Super HPS Benefits

  • High output – 10% to 20% more µmol/sec compared to other horticultural HPS lamps
  • Strong red/orange spectral output to support robust flowering
  • Fuller spectrum (HO version) – 49 CRI compared to 25 to 35 CRI produced by other horticultural HPS lamps

Finishing Blue Specifications

• ANSI: M141/E – Pulse-Start MH
• Bulb Shape: T25
• Base: Mogul
• Operating Position: Universal
• Initial Lumens: 62,000
• CCT: 10,000K
• CRI: 84

Weight 2 lbs

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