RX Axiom Hapin Protien




RX Green Solutuions’ Axiom Hapin Protien is a plant growth and defense stimulator. Axiom Hapin Protien helps to sustain plant health, and increases the size of a plant’s yields. Axiom Hapin Protien is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Promotes plant growth, vigor, and production
  • Increase natural defenses in plants
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Non-toxic product


Axiom™ is an Rx Green Technologies supplement that goes much farther than most plant protection and boosting products. It is a natural, completely safe, non-toxic, and effective plant health promoter. AXIOM contains harpin proteins that signal the presence of pathogens. The harpin proteins trigger the plant to produce proteins based on their genetic code that fight off disease and pests.

How does Axiom work?
AXIOM is very effective in the prevention of disease and pest problems. The signaling protein in AXIOM triggers an initial reaction in the plant immediately after spraying. This hypersensitive response (HR) triggers the plant’s genetic code to create an immune response. This in turn leads to systemic acquired resistance (SAR) in the plant, resulting in a stronger, healthier plant able to fight off disease and pests. The result is higher quality—yielding better flowers and fruit.

What are harpin proteins?
Harpin proteins are plant health promoters produced in nature by certain bacterial plant pathogens. They activate a plant’s immune system and trigger growth and defense genes, resulting in improved plant growth, increased yield and quality, and greater shelf life.

What do they do? Why are they beneficial?
Harpin proteins are proven to boost a plant’s immune system. When plant cells detect the presence of the harpin proteins, they trigger an early warning system commonly called systemic acquired resistance (SAR). This sends a signal throughout the plant to activate certain defensive and growth responses in order to fight off pathogens. These responses help plants survive the stresses and threats of disease.



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