Roots Organics Phos Bat Guano


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Phos Bat Guano by Roots Organics is an organic, dry soil amendment used to promote vigorous flower and fruit growth. Phos Bat Guano is designed to be used during the flowering and fruiting stage, and is harvested from nitrogen-rich bat guano.

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  • Designed to promote full, vigorous blooms
  • For use during the fruiting and flowering stage
  • Real, organic bat guano


Phos Bat Guano has been specially selected (and harvested using bat friendly methods) to contain a high quantity of available phosphorous. This guano, due to its nitrogen content is especially helpful during the flowering and fruiting process.

Roots Organics Phos Bat Guano is an excellent source of phosphorus and calcium. Carefully processed and sifted to make it easy to work with, Roots Organics Phos Bat Guano encourages vigorous flowering and fruiting. All of the Roots Organics guanos have been sourced for quality and harvested with bat-friendly methods so you and your garden get performance with principles.



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