House & Garden Soil Nutrient A&B




Soil A and B by House and Garden is a two-part base nutrient used to enrich soil based mediums for healthy harvests. Soil A and B is a liquid designed to be used in combination with additional nutrients that Soil A and B will encourage your plant to absorb. Soil A and B contains Eddha-Fe.

Contains both parts (A and B)

Used to enrich soil mediums


H&G Soil A&B Base Nutrient is composed of liquid main and trace elements and contains no bulking agents like solid fertilizers. Soil A&B is composed of the purest high-quality nutrients that are available on the market, including Eddha-Fe (Iron). This way, you enable the plant to absorb the nutrients fast and effectively. So, in short, if you want the best for your plants, House & Garden Soil A&B is an excellent solution and a great basis for a successful harvest.

Application: When preparing the nutrient container, fill it two-thirds with water. First add Soil A; circulate well. Then add Soil B; circulate well. Harmonize the pH-value of the nutrient with pH- (Down) or pH+ (Up). Top up the container with water. Add any root, growth or flowering stimulators. Your nutrient mixture is ready to water.

Notice: Do NOT add A&B at the same time, as this triggers a chemical reaction in the nutrient resulting in sediment, incomplete nourishment and clogged piping.



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