Hanna Quick Calibration Solution




HI9814P is a quick calibration solution for use with Hanna’s HI9814 GroPro portable pH/EC/TDS meter. This solution allows for the quick single point calibration for pH and conductivity. Each sachet has the lot number and expiration date stamped on it and is made of light block foil ensuring freshness each time one is opened. Hanna’s line of calibration solutions has been specially formulated to have an expiration of 5 years from the date of manufacture for an unopened sachet.

  • Hermetically sealed so that fresh solution is always used for accurate calibration.
  • Combined pH and EC calibration solution


HI9814P is a quality quick calibration solution produced in accordance with ISO 3696/BS3978 standards using high purity salts, deionized water, certified weight-checked balances, and Class A glassware in a temperature controlled environment monitored with certified thermometers.

  • Rapid single point calibration of both pH and EC probes with just one solution.
  • Ideal for users that do not calibrate frequently.
  • Ideal for field use due to portability.
  • Hanna buffers are specially formulated to have an expiration of 5 years from manufacture for an unopened sachet.
  • Prevents any oxidation from UV light that could alter the pH buffer value.


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