GrowBright HEPA Filter




High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are perfect for pre-treating incoming air for your grow room or grow tent. Simply attach to your grow room or grow tent ventilation system (fan, reflector/hood, tent flange, etc) and reap the benefits of clean air! Use to treat air coming into your indoor grow room by blocking 90% of mold spores and 99% of all insects from coming in through your ventilation system. HEPA is the gold standard for a grow room intake filter. It’s very effective at keeping the glass on air cooled reflectors exceptionally clean by first filtering the air before it passes through them. Improve air quality in the grow area with GrowBright CleanFlow HEPA filters.


HEPA Grow Room Air Intake Filters by GrowBright

Improve air quality in the grow area with GrowBright CleanFlow HEPA Filters. GrowBright high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filters remove 99.97% of airborne particles 3 micrometers or smaller to prevent insects and other particulates such as dust, mold spores, and pollen from entering grow tents or grow rooms through the ventilation system. This intake filter gives any gardener greater control over their growing environment. Highly efficient filtration with excellent airflow also makes GrowBright CleanFlow HEPA filters the most effective option for keeping expensive air-cooled lighting equipment clean and free of debris. CleanFlow HEPA filters install easily over rigid duct/flanging and secure tightly with a rubberized collar and steel clamps for a proper seal, and they can also be washed as needed for extended life. Simply remove and spray with a water hose to clean.

Super Easy to Install and Maintain:

To install, simply slide the rubberized inlet collar over the inlet (or outlet) vent port .of your grow room ventilation system. They may be attached directly to a high-velocity inline fan, rigid tent flange, Air-coolable reflector flange, or ducting. Secure the filter by tightening the worm type clamp provided. This, along with the heavy duty rubberized inlet collar, will create a proper air-tight seal.

Which filter size and type is best for me?

The parameters your ventilation system will help determine what size HEPA filter you need. Typically, simply matching the size of your fan/ventilation system determines the size of your filter. For example, a system with a 6″ high-velocity inline fan would require a 6″ HEPA filter, which is what HTG Supply recommends. However, HEPA filters will also operate efficiently using a higher CFM fan than typically offered by those corresponding to the size of the filter, meaning, a 6″ HEPA filter could be used for a system with an 8″high-velocity inline fan. The decision is yours, but please note that you can either match the fan/duct size to the HEPA filter or go with the next smaller size.

Please Note: HEPA filters are recommended for use with high-velocity inline fan or blower fan units as they may create too much restriction for smaller fan types such as duct booster or small axial fans.