CYCO Uptake




Uptake by Cyco is a liquid additive used to increase the micronutrient intake of your plants. Because it increase the intake of these vital micronutrients, Uptake encourages a happy, healthy plant. Uptake contains derivatives from leonardite, and encourages the release of plant waste.

  • Increase micro nutrient intake
  • Release of waste encourages overall health
  • Contains derivatives of leonardite


CYCO Uptake promotes increased cation exchange capacity and nutrient availability, as well as enhanced mineral and trace element balance. It also aids plant cells in excreting waste products, which promotes overall health.


  • Add 1ml of Cyco Uptake per liter of made up nutrient solution.
  • Use the same directions for re-circulation systems and total loss systems.
  • Use Cyco Uptake throughout the growth and flower cycle for maximum results.


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