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Botanicare Clearex Salt Leaching Solution – 55 Gallon






Clearex by Botanicare helps you to keep your plants from acquiring an excessive amount of harmful salt in your growing system. Clearex is meant to be used both periodically or as a final flush before harvesting; enhancing both the flavor and overall yield quality. Using Clearex helps to prevent crop failure due to salt buildup.

  • 55 Gallon
  • Final flush and buildup preventative
  • Enhances flavor and quality after final flush
  • Requires smaller window for final flush
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Botanicare Clearex Salt Leaching Solution

A common cause of crop failure can be traced to the build-up of nutrient salt deposits in soils or soilless grow media. High salt concentrations in the soil solution cause a shrinkage of plant cell protoplasm away from the cell wall as a result of osmosis. This condition, known as plasmolysis, can eventually lead to irreversible wilting.

CLEAREX is a scientifically formulated isotonic drench solution, which effectively binds with the excess nutrient salt and safely leaches it from the soil. Leaching with tap or deionized water can lead to hypotonic conditions which cause cell lysis with an outflow of essential electrolytes and nutrients. This causes tissue damage leading to serious pathogen disorders such as bacterial and fungal infections. CLEAREX is isotonic, therefore, it creates a safe osmotic environment that allows plant cells to maintain optimal turgor pressure during treatment.

CLEAREX can also be used at the end of a crop’s growth cycle to trigger the last reproductive stage of the plant, forcing it to process and assimilate endogenous nutrients. CLEAREX contains specific electrolytes and selected mono and disaccharides which provide energy for the biosynthesis of important plant metabolites and macromolecules. Preharvest treatments with CLEAREX are known to enhance the flavor and increase yields in fruits, vegetables, and culinary herbs by flushing out extraneous chemical nutrients.

CLEAREX Salt Leaching Directions

Mix 2 tsp (5ml) of Clearex per gallon of water. Use Clearex with pure water only. Mix well and adjust pH.

  • Between nutrient changes: Drain all existing nutrient solutions. Add only Clearex and fresh water and allow to re-circulate in your system for approximately two hours. Drain completely and refill the reservoir with fresh nutrient solution.
  • Pre-harvest: Drain all existing nutrient solutions. Refill the reservoir with Clearex and freshwater only. Begin running this solution during the last 3 – 7 days before harvest during the ripening phase.

For container gardens:

  • Between nutrient changes: Drench thoroughly with Clearex solution until there is 20 – 40% runoff from the bottom of the pot. Resume regular feeding with your next scheduled watering.
  • Pre-harvest: Drench daily until 10 – 20% runoff is achieved from the container. Begin running this solution during the last 3 – 7 days before harvest during the ripening phase
Weight 600 lbs
Dimensions 23.25 × 23.25 × 34.75 in


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