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Agromax Pro Series – 280w LED





  • Spectrum:  629nm/658nm/430nm/458nm + full-daylight spectrum
  • L.E.D. Power:  High intensity 3-watt LEDs
  • Maximum Cooling:  Open-air aluminum heat sinks with high flow rate fans to lower operating temperatures
  • Fixture Measures:  19″ x 11″ x 3.5″

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AgroMax PRO Series LED:

AgroMax Pro Series LED’s provide growing spectrums that plants need with no ineffective light spectrums and much lower heat than comparable systems. The design of the AgroMax Professional light allows for better thermal dissipation, higher light output and longer life than any competing light. The result is that the AgroMax Pro Series is brighter, more efficient, longer lasting, cooler running and will outperform ANY other LED Horticultural light on the market today.

The AgroMax Professional uses an effective and energy efficient “5-Band” output design, expertly matching the chlorophyll needs for plant growth. These spectrums have peaks at 629nm/658nm/430nm/458nm and an added full-daylight spectrum to nourish plants and bathe them in all the lighting spectrums necessary for complete development.

L.E.D. Power
The AgroMax Professional utilizes ultra-reflective, modular, optical lenses with high intensity 3-watt LEDs for maximum output to deliver intense, penetrating levels of illumination. This “lensless” LED used by AgroMax is much higher performing than competing LED units on the market which use cheap, inefficient, integrated plastic “bubble” lenses built onto the LED’s themselves. The AgroMax Professional LED’s are energized by isolated power drivers, with soft starting protection, effectively protecting the LEDs from high voltage damage. A built in intelligent monitoring system ensures a properly functioning unit.

Professional Housing
The AgroMax Professional has a revolutionary fixture case housing design. The heat dissipating characteristics are outstanding, as the open air/top grade aluminum heat sinks combine with high flow rate, whisper quiet fans to lower operating temperatures significantly below any other LED unit available.

Fixture Measures: 19″ x 11″ x 3.5″

Product covered by 14-day money-back guarantee.

Weight 15 lbs



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