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AgroMax INTENSITY Series LED Grow Lights are the most advanced LED grow lights on the market today. Revolutionary design and innovative lighting spectrum blend are combined with top-quality construction to provide the most powerful plant growing LED light ever.

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AgroMax Intensity LED’s – Advanced Features & Design

It all starts with the Printed Circuit (PC) Board. The PC Board is the electrical “board” on which the LED’s are mounted and electrically connected. The construction of the PC board in the Intensity Series is a high tech aluminum alloy. When compared to the old fiberglass types of PC boards used in previous generations the big advantage is the superior heat dissipation qualities of the aluminum alloy versus fiberglass. The Intensity series is able to dissipate heat much better, allowing the LED’s to operate at higher efficiencies, run at cooler temperatures and produce a higher light output.

Unit measures: 8-3/4″ wide x 21″ length x 2-7/8″ height

The PC board is then coupled to an Advanced Frame and Housing design. This new housing is a combination of Aluminum Alloy and High Strength Plastic. Since the new housing is constructed mainly of the Aluminum Alloy, it is able to act as a bigger heat sink, and again allow the LED units to operate at cooler temperatures. The housing design of most older LED units was standard steel, which in addition to not being a good thermal conductor, would also rust quickly. The Intensity Series also features advanced design cooling fans, higher quality, higher performance units that are quieter and more reliable than those found on earlier generation units.

The heart of the Intensity Series LED Grow Light is the COB Matrix LED chip. This incredibly powerful COB Matrix LED chip features 54 watts of a proprietary blend of spectrums designed to maximize plant growth. This 54 watt LED chip is like no other available; super-powerful and intense, the Intensity chip is able to penetrate even the densest plant canopy, providing nourishing light spectrums to your entire plant. This COB Matrix chip and the surrounding 3 watt LED chips are specifically tuned for different phases of Plant Growth and feature professional optical lenses for maximum output.

The Intensity Series LED Grow Light also features 4 different growing channels to choose from to fine tune the spectrums for your plants, Veg — for the early stages of growth, Intensity — for growth phase, All-on — for full power and Bloom — for the final stage of blooming.

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