Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish


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Flawless Finish by Advanced Nutrients gets your plants ready for harvest with a final flush. Flawless Finish makes your final products clean and safe as well as giving it a sweet taste and smell. This product contains chelates, which grab on to nutrients and binds with them. Flawless Finish also moves excess salts downward to wash away while holding on to beneficial nutrients. Flawless Finish helps plants to cure faster, leaving less time for storage diseases to occur.

  • Gives your flowers a sweet smell and taste
  • Promotes faster curing
  • Flushes away harmful excess salts


Advanced Nutrients Final Phase is now Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish

For dedicated, demanding hydroponics gardeners like you, a supreme moment of satisfaction comes when you’ve worked hard to bring in a harvest, dried and cured it, and finally sit down to savor the taste and aroma of your latest flowers.

There’s that feeling of pride and reward as you savor the deliciousness of your crops with your friends and family.

Now there’s a way for you to increase the joy and accomplishment you feel. It’s a simple yet powerful process that cleanses your crops just before harvest so you get:
(1.) Cleaner, Safer Crops
(2.) Tastier, Sweeter-Smelling Crops


How does this amazing process work to free your plants and make them more valuable? If you could see down to the molecular level, here’s what you’d witness:

Flawless Finish contains a broad range of ingredients known as “chelates.”
Chelates are like chemical “claws” that can grasp other materials, such as individual nutrients, and bind to them.

During the course of the six-hour Flawless Finish cleansing, the formula’s proprietary, exceptionally broad range of chelates removes excess nutrient salts, heavy metals and pollutants from your plants’ roots and their root zone.

Some of the chelates enter your plants and create a downward mobility of excess salts that exit your plants and are washed into the Flawless Finish/water solution.

After the Flawless Finish/water mixture has done its job, you remove all that water from your reservoir and refill your reservoir with fresh water.

Inside your plants, from the time of flushing until harvest time, your plants are consuming on-board nutrients and otherwise purging themselves of unwanted residues.

By the time you harvest, your plants will be free of at least 85% of the stored materials they held before flushing.

Now that you’ve flushed your plants, what can you expect from your harvest?
To start with, your Flawless Finish crops cure better and faster, with less susceptibility to storage diseases such as molds and fungi.



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