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Air Pot® #15 containers, AKA 12 gallon Air Pots, provide outstanding root-zone aeration for soil, coco fiber, and hydroponic applications. Constructed of durable recycled HDPE with contoured and perforated sidewalls like all Superoots containers, the 12 gallon Air Pots provide ideal root growth conditions and prevent root spiraling or root binding for the best growth possible. Although the #15 Air Pots hold approximately the same amount of medium as a conventional 12-gallon container, their specialized design actually permits the growth of larger plants thanks to the superior root structure they produce. With extra room for growth, #15 Air Pots are the best choice for space demanding plants including shrubs and even trees.

  • Maximize your root growth and development with contoured and perforated sidewalls.
  •  Air Pots assemble quickly and easily with included base and screws, no tools needed.
  • Size: 3 gal.

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Air Pots 12 Gallon – Air Pot #15

The Air-Pot® #15 (15-gallon equivalent) is a great size for growing larger plants, shrubs, and trees for at least two years. When transplanted, the plant will not suffer transplanting shock. These pots can be used for indoor gardening as long as space provides. This pot can accommodate plants up to 8′ and taller.

Actual size: 12 gallons or 45.4 liters
Dimensions: 14.8″H x 15″ Outside Diameter (15″ base) – 1 gallon equivalent – black colored base
Number of fasteners per unit (3)

The Air-Pot is a recyclable, reusable plastic container that actively enhances the quality of the root systems of plants. This revolutionary approach to containerizing plants and trees produces fabulous, non-spiraling root systems that are impossible to develop in any other available container.

Made of recycled HDPE in the UK, the Air-Pot is circular in shape with a perforated sidewall. There are no flat surfaces due to the inward and outward pointed cones, which eliminates any chance of starting the spiraling process as well as dramatically increases growth rates.

Air-Pot benefits:

•  Eliminates root circling
•  Reduces growing time in the garden
•  Increases yields
•  Simplifies production
•  Minimizes the need to transplant
•  Ensures superior performance in extremes of weather
•  The Air-Pot® is made of recycled HDPE plastic
•  Reduces the chance for overwatering

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