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Safety & Sanitation

Safety & Sanitation

Keeping an indoor garden safe can range from active monitoring equipment, regular checks on plants, or just some passive gear to keep things safe in the event of an emergency. In addition, keeping yourself clean and not covered in sap makes working in the garden cleaner and easier.Cleaning solutions keep your hands and your equipment clean and sterile. Here you’ll find our automatic fire extinguishers, gloves, and cleaning supplies to keep your hands and your grow room safe and fresh. Fires are rare in grow rooms, they’re most often caused by a failure in ventilation combined with a malfunction in an HID light.

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Dash Black Two Gloves
Black Nitrile Gloves - Latex & Powder Free
Dash Black Two Gloves
Black Mamba Nitrile Gloves - Black
HTG PM 2.5 Mask
HTG Supply PM 2.5 Mask
Alchemist Liquid Oxygen H2O2 Quart
Alchemist H2O2 Liquid Oxygen 34% Hydrogen Peroxide
Sap Off Soap
Aurora Innovations Sap Off Soap
Blue Nitrile Gloves
Blue Nitrile Gloves - Latex & Powder Free
Orange Nitrile Gloves
Extreme Grip Nitrile Gloves - Orange
Flex H2O2 Quart
Flex H2O2 (34% Hydrogen Peroxide)
Clear Powder Free Vinyl Gloves
Clear Vinyl Gloves - Latex & Powder Free
Flex H2O2 Gallon
Flex H2O2 (34% Hydrogen Peroxide) - Gallon
Cultured Solutions UC Roots 16oz
Cultured Solutions UC Roots
Danner Hc Array
Supreme Hydro-Clean
Athena Liquid Cleanse - Gallon
Athena Liquid Cleanse
Physan 2020
Physan 20 - 16 Ounce
BioSafe GreenClean Acid Cleaner - 5 Gallon
Flex H2O2 Quart
Flex H2O2 (34% Hydrogen Peroxide) - Quart
Flex 99.9% ISO Gallon
Flex 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol - Gallon
PureScrub 2 Foot Germicidal UV System
PureScrub 2' Germicidal UV Light System
Bio Green Clean Quart Gallery
Bio Green Clean - 1 Quart
Hydroglove 6 mil Nitrile Gloves
HydroGlove Black 6 Mil Nitrile Glove - Extra Large
FloroFresh 2 Foot HV Filter XXL Kit Combo
FloroFresh 424 6" XXL Germicidal UV Fan & Filter Kit
Flex 99.9% ISO Quart
Flex 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol
BioSafe GreenClean Alkaline Cleaner - 5 Gallon
FloroFresh 424
FloroFresh 424 2' Germicidal UV Light Fixture

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