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Special Deals

Special Deals

Get growing on any budget in our special deals section. We know that cheap growing supplies can be hard to come by, so we’ve put together our selection of low-cost items, older technology at a steep discount, and clearance items that have been taking up too much space. Everything in these categories work, and they work well. We’ve discounted them down to get you growing for as cheaply as possible. Shop now across all of our special deals, and get yourself some HTG Supply grow gear today!

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AgroMax 6400K T5 LED Bulb
AgroMax 4 Foot T5 LED Bulbs - 6400K
(1 customer review)
4 Ft Single T5 Fixture
GrowBright Nano 4 Foot 1-Lamp High Output T5 Grow Light
Tri-Band LED Bulb
Triband LED Spotlight Bulb - Single
Htg T5 Grow Light 2 Foot 1 Lamp
GrowBright 2 Foot 1-Lamp High Output T5 Grow Light
Gh Florabloom
General Hydroponics FloraBloom 3-Part Nutrient System
Am T5 Led 3000K Bloom
AgroMax 4 Foot T5 LED Bulbs - Bloom
General Hydroponics Floramicro Quart
General Hydroponics FloraMicro 3-Part Nutrient Series
Growbright 1000W Hps Double Ended Bulb
GrowBright 1000w HPS Double Ended Bulb
High Yield Straight 6
AgroMax 6400K T5 LED Bulb
AgroMax 2 Foot T5 LED Bulbs - 6400K
Gh Floragro
General Hydroponics FloraGro
Ag Hif 1000W Ballast
AgroMax Hi-F 1000w Digital Ballast
T5 Led Grow Light 4 Foot 2 Bulb
HTG Supply 4 Foot T5 LED Grow Light - 2-Bulb
High Frequency 600 Watt Digital Ballast Agromax
AgroMax Hi-F 600w Digital Ballast
Gso Large Tent
Grow Shop Outlet 48x48x78 Grow Tent
Agromax Mh Conversion Bulb
AgroMax 600 Watt Metal Halide CONVERSION Lamp
Gso 24X48X60 Grow Tent
Grow Shop Outlet 24x48x60 Grow Tent
Htg Supply 4 2 Lamp T5 Bloom Led Light
HTG Supply 4 Foot T5 Bloom LED Grow Light - 2-Bulb
Gb 9 Fan Cord
GrowBright 9" Grow Room Fan
Gso 20X34X63 Grow Tent
Grow Shop Outlet 20x34x63 Grow Tent
SlimStar 4' 8 Lamp HO T5
SlimStar 4' 8 Lamp High Output T5 Fluorescent
Led T5 Grow Light 4 Foot 4 Bulb
HTG Supply 4-Foot T5 LED Grow Light - 4-Bulb
Refurbished 600-1000w Digital Ballast Special
Dash Black Two Gloves
Black Mamba Black Nitrile Gloves - 100 Pack Large

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