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All Tent Sizes

HTG Supply carries grow tents of all sizes to meet the exact needs of your garden! Built from non-gassing ballistic nylon and 95% reflective mylar, our selection of grow tents is designed to impress you and your plants! From our king of the closet Cloner Tent measuring in at a tiny 1.5′ by 2.5′ base and 3′ height to the hyper-durable AgroMax Silverback line to our massive 14′ x 28′ x 10′ commercial AgroMax Grow House, HTG Supply tents for every grower.

Grow tents are an essential item in the toolkit of the indoor gardener. Lighting cycles, temperature and humidity control, concentrated reflectivity, and segmented grow spaces would be a tall task without grow tents. Shop now across our wide selection of grow tent and find the best to capture your growing needs.

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