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Indoor Grow Tents

Indoor Grow Tents

Our selection of standalone grow tents and drying nets / racks is listed below. For even bigger savings on grow tents view our selection of grow tent kits that come with the grow lights and all the other supplies you need to get started. We have grow tents for every application including tents specifically designed for cloning and complete grow tents ranging in size from small to super XXL. Whether you need a short grow tent or one that’s extra tall a small grow tent or a full room size space HTG Supply has you covered. Check out our drying nets and racks as well. These quality dry nets will make properly drying and curing your harvest a breeze!

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Most Popular in Indoor Grow Tents

1/8"x8'  Rope Ratchet 75lb
AgroMax Rope Ratchets - 1/8" x 8 Foot - 75lb Max Each
Am Flange 6
Universal 6 Inch Flange and Coupler
Gb Hygrometer
GrowBright Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer
4" GrowBright Duct Filter
GrowBright 4 Inch Duct Filter
Am Flange 4
Universal 4 Inch Cooling Flange
6" GrowBright Duct Filter
GrowBright 6 Inch Duct Filter
Vent Kits Basic 6 Inch Ventilation 6 Inch Duct Fan 6 Inch Flange
Basic 6" Ventilation Kit
4x4 Grow Tent - AgroMax Medium
Agromax Medium 4x4 Grow Tent
Am Flange 8
Universal 8 Inch Flange and Coupler
Gso Large Tent
Grow Shop Outlet 48x48x78 Grow Tent
Small Grow Tent - AgroMax 2x3
Agromax 2x3 Small Grow Tent
Gso 24X48X60 Grow Tent
Grow Shop Outlet 24x48x60 Grow Tent
4x8 Grow Tent - AgroMax XL
Agromax XL 4x8 Grow Tent