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Reflectors and Hoods

HTG Supply offers the best grow light reflector hoods at the lowest prices. If you’ve been searching for top-quality grow light hoods and reflectors in your budget, you’ve found the right place! A good grow light system can direct every bit of artificial light toward its plants, and reflectors can help you do so. Hoods allow the airflow in your grow room to be perfect for the climate your plants need.

We have grow light reflectors for every indoor gardener, from beginner to hobby to professional growers. Each size and type of reflector hood fits a different garden, so you can learn more here about what is best for you.

Our Collection of Indoor Grow Light Reflectors and Hoods

Grow light hoods can be sorted into two primary categories. Most indoor light reflectors are either air-cooled reflector hoods or non-cooled open air reflectors.

Air-Cooled Reflector Hoods

Air-cooled hoods connect your grow light systems to ventilation to control the indoor temperature. Indoor gardens are sensitive to excessive heat or light, so adjusting your grow light hoods can make all the difference. For the best results, we recommend ventilating the air in your grow room through a separate area. 

If you run an HPS light system, you need a ballast to enable and regulate your output. Our built-in ballast reflectors with cooling capabilities are a two-in-one solution to your indoor garden’s heat and light control. For an indoor grow light reflector that fits your system, choose from these options to save money.

Double-ended light bulb systems are growing in popularity because of their high-efficiency lighting. You can invest in double-ended indoor grow light reflectors to control the long-lasting light in your room. Keep your garden cooled with this add-on tool that increases airflow and redirects stray light.

Non-Cooled Open Air Reflectors

Non-cooled open air reflectors are often designed in an umbrella or roof shape to allow light to spread across a wide area. These large indoor grow light hoods are a great addition to your garden with double- and single-ended capabilities.

An indoor light reflector or hood can be the fixture you need to maximize your garden’s growth this season. One of the main benefits of indoor gardens is your ability to control and change the grow room, so your plants are happy. Investing in indoor grow light hoods can give your garden the light you pay for in every bulb. You can adjust your system to the needs of your space and specific plants with this technology at our low prices. Order today from the fastest shippers in the industry!

Find Top-Quality Indoor Grow Light Hoods With HTG Supply

HTG Supply offers a broad range of high-quality indoor gardening supplies. Find all the equipment you need to foster a successful indoor garden in any season with our extensive online catalog. 

Shop our collection of air-cooled reflector hoods and non-cooled open air hoods today to meet your garden’s specific needs. 

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AgroMax Signature 600/750w Double Ended Grow Light
From: $73.99
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High Yield Sunsoaker Reflector
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Double Ended Chill 6 Inch Reflector
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Digital Greenhouse Dimmable 315w CMH Fixture
Scion 315w Dimmable CMH Fixture
Scion 315w Dimmable CMH Grow Light
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Digital Greenhouse Hhp 1000W De Grow Light
Digital Greenhouse HHP 1000w DE Grow Light
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Double Ended Quasar Reflector
Sun Systems Block Buster Reflector 8In Side View
Sun System BlockBuster 8" Reflector
Hy Airoflow
High Yield Airoflow Reflector
High Yield Straight 6 XL
High Yield Straight 6 Reflector
Hy Bigdaddy
High Yield Big Daddy Reflector
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High Yield QuadRay Reflector
Ag Signature Series Lit
AgroMax Signature 1000w DE Grow Light
Sun System 315 Lec
Sun System LEC 315 Watt 3100k Grow Light

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