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Grow Light Systems

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution for your grow room lighting needs? HTG Supply has a large inventory of grow light systems for sale with everything you need to get your indoor garden up and running.

Many of our indoor grow light systems come with bulb, ballast and controller to get your garden started. Each section is fit for a different type of space, lighting or plant, so you can explore your options to find the right tools for you.

Types of Indoor Grow Light Systems

At HTG Supply, we carry several different types of complete grow light systems, including:

  • CMH systems: Our ceramic metal halide (CMH) systems offer a natural-looking light with an effective process. These grow lights are one of the best high-intensity discharge (HID) systems on the market. CMH lights have a broader spectrum and natural tones to make any indoor garden happy.
  • DE grow lights: Double-ended (DE) grow lights suit gardens that value efficiency and eco-friendliness. Because of their build, DE systems save money on double the amount of light. The advanced technology of these systems makes them a perfect fit for indoor gardeners who need productivity.
  • Induction systems: HTG Supply also offers induction systems for the grower who needs long-lasting light. Our selection of induction bulbs can last up to 100,000 hours because they do not use electrodes. With a full spectrum of color, these grow lights can give your plants the natural light they need for long periods.
  • LED systems: LED light systems are an eco-friendly option many indoor gardeners choose for their plants. These grow lights are an energy-efficient system you can customize with colors to promote plant budding. We have overhead LEDs, pods and lamps that fit different types of gardens based on your needs.
  • HPS grow lights: High-pressure sodium, or HPS, grow lights are an excellent way to make your grow room look and feel like the warm climate your plants may need to thrive. They emit more red light to imitate fall sunlight, so your blooming plants can grow and flower. Our metal halide (MH) lamps also mimic late spring and early summer conditions for your plant’s initial growth.
  • T5 lighting systems: As the country’s largest independent indoor garden supplier, we provide T5 lighting systems. These fluorescent indoor grow lights hang overhead to cover every inch of your garden. With high output and low heat, T5 lights can support a large grow room.

Find High-Quality Grow Light Systems at HTG Supply

Shop our selection of indoor lighting systems at HTG Supply to find your garden’s best fit. Order today, and we will show you why gardeners call us the fastest shippers in the industry!

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