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Grow Room Controllers

Grow Room Controllers

Take environmental control to a whole new level with high tech grow room controllers and automation. Giving the user complete control based off of environmental conditions. This allows the user to get really dial in the grow room giving larger yields and better fruits. Check out the SmartBee controllers for a complete cloud based grow room automation system. They have everything from hydroponic controllers to environmental systems. Imagine being able to check pH from a cell phone from another time zone! Or better yet using the SmartBee Irrigation controller one can override the current feeding program if the plants are drinking more than expected.

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Gb Fan Speed Controller
GrowBright Fan Speed Controller
The Agromax Digital Cooling Controller
The AgroMax Digital Cooling Controller
Einstein Co2 Monitor
Einstein Digital CO2 Controller
Co2 Enrichment Kit
Complete Digital CO2 Release System
AgroMax Digital LED Controller
AgroMax Digital LED Controller
Agrowdose MPX 2 Pump
AgrowDose™ MPX pH & ORP Dosing Systems
Cap Air 3
CAP Day/Night Temperature/CO2 Controller AIR-3
Cap Air 4
CAP CO2 & Temp/Humidity Controller AIR-4
Evc 1
Sentinel EVC-1 Environmental Controller
CO2 Test Kit Refill
CO2 Tester Refill Tube
Cap Variable Fan Speed Controller
CAP Variable Speed Controller - VSC-DNE
BluePrint HID HUB 4
Cap High Temp Shut Down Hlc
CAP High Temp Shut Off -HLC-1
Autopilot Digital Co2 Monitor
Autopilot Desktop CO2 Monitor & Logger
Ultra Simple CO2 Controller
GROZONE Ultra Simple CO2 Controller
Variac TDGC2 1KVA Regulator 8A
Variac TDGC2 1KVA Regulator 8A
Mdt1 Controller
Sentinel MDT-1 Digital Timer
Agrowdose Mdx Nutrient Ph & Orp Dosing Systems
AgrowDose™ MDX Nutrient, pH & ORP Dosing Systems
HydroTek Flip 8
Hydrotek Flip 8
SXE Digital Indoor Environment Monitor 2
SXE Digital Indoor Environment Monitor, Logger & Controller
From: $341.00
Sentinal Digital Temp Controller Front
Sentinel UTC-1 Universal Temperature Controller
Blueprint Day Night Digital Temp Controller
Blueprint Day/Night Digital Temperature Controller
Co2 Controller
GROZONE SCC1 Simple Climate Controller
Software Cable
Internet Cable and Software for ATMOS-D1

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