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Cutting clones is one of the greatest joys of indoor gardening. Cloning enables gardeners to do a host of activities that just can’t happen with seeds. Through cloning, you can make exact genetic copies of a particular plant, sustaining a certain breed or strain for years after the first plant is grown and gone. Cloning also means that you can stretch seeds much further. Instead of having to constantly re-buy seeds after your final plants are harvested. Take a shot a cloning now, with HTG Supply’s affordable selection of cloning machines and supplies.

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EZ-Clone 360 Mister
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EZ-Clone Rooting Compound
Rootech Cloning Gel 2 Ounce
Rootech Cloning Gel
Foam Collar - Black
Black Foam Clone Collars
Clonex Mist 100 Ml
Clonex Mist
DynaGro KLN
Dyna-Gro K-L-N Rooting Concentrate
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EZ-Clone 16 Site LowPro Black
Olivias Cloning Gel 2 Ounce