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New Store in Orange, Connecticut
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Featured Products
Stump Tea
Bring Life To Your Roots With Stump Tea!!!
Grow Tent - Medium (47x47x79) Silver Lined
Agromax Window Grow Tent - Medium (47x47x79) Silver Lined
AgroMax is known for high quality and thier tents are no exception. 
AgroMax 600 Watt DigiPulse MH Lamp
AgroMax 600w DigiPulse MH Lamp
A Superior Vegetative BulbDesigned to Run on Digital Ballasts!
Mother Keeper Complete Grow Tent System
Looking to grow indoors for a great price? Then this system is for you.

New Products
6 Band 225w Super UFO LED Grow Light
The newest wave of the LED invasion!!!
Agromax 150w Induction Grow Light
The AgroMax Induction Lamp has the longest life of any light source!
GrowBright Flow Filter
Keep the bugs and mold out of the growroom.
8 Site Clone Bucket
8 Site Cloner Bucket
Factory made, self contained eight-site cloning system at an unbelievable price!

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