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New Store in Orange, Connecticut
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Featured Products
Complete Clone Bucket System
Complete 8 Site Cloner Bucket Kit
Everything you need to start cloning, at a price to fit any budget!
Floralux HPS Grow Light
FLORALUX 250 watt High Pressure Sodium Grow Light

250 Watt Complete Kit!

Streamlined &

WAS $199.95


6 Inch Tall Boy Filter / Fan Combo $195.95
A GrowBright 6" Tall Boy Inline Fan & Charcoal Filter Combo
The GrowBright 6" fan and Activated Carbon Tall Boy Filter combo can easily eliminate odors.
GrowBright 4
A GrowBright 4" Tall Boy Inline Fan & Carbon Filter Combo
Perfect for removing strong odors from a small room or a grow tent easily.

New Products
HTG 1000w Large Grow Tent Kit
Want to grow MASSIVE organic plants? This is for you!!!
AgroMax Intensity Series LED - 228w

The future of LEDs!

30 Pack of Black Foam Clone Collars
Black Foam Clone Collars 30 Pack
These Neoprene Clone collars fit all EZ-Clone propagation systems and provide superior.
GrowBright Flow Filter
Keep the bugs and mold out of the growroom.

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